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January, 2014

This month totally got away from me as I write this blog on the last day of January! 2014 is off to a great start. My classes are full...Continue Reading

"Happy Holidays!"
December, 2013

During the holidays, we are bombarded with overconsumption, excess and the stress of picking out the obligatory holiday presents...Continue Reading

"Do you speak like a Kardashian?"
November, 2013

One of the things that drives me totally nuts is "uptalk." What is uptalk you ask?...Continue Reading

"What's Your Brand?"
October, 2013

People come to me all the time and tell me they have trouble trying to figure out what their "brand" is. They're often told that they have to have a brand in order to get ahead with their on-camera career...Continue Reading

"Help Me To Help You"
September, 2013

I'm in the middle of host casting and had to stop to write this blog post. Hosting is a job that so many people say they are passionate about but when I look at the materials that they use...Continue Reading

"Nashville - The Show Must Go On - Final"
August, 2013

In a previous blog, I wrote about how we all have bad days no matter who we are... athletes, hosts, singers, actors... you name it...Continue Reading

"Where Are Your Priorities"
July, 2013

I often ask students how much they practice. Some are pretty honest and say they don't practice all that much. I know, I can tell when they don't practice...Continue Reading

"From Expert to Host..."
June, 2013

I love to see talent out there who has taken something they've done organically and authentically and parlayed it into an on-camera career. Take for example, one of my favorite people ever...Continue Reading

"Let it Go Part 2"
May, 2013

In my last blog, I discussed "letting go" after a bad audition. You know how it goes - you replay the audition over and over in your head and each time it usually becomes way worse. Before you know it...Continue Reading

"Learning to Let Go"
April, 2013

We all have bad days - it's just a fact of life. You practice and practice for an audition. You nail it when you're at home in front of your video camera and feel like you have this one in the bag...Continue Reading

March, 2013

"Authenticity" has become one of the buzzwords of the 21st century. Oprah Winfrey made the word mainstream when she discussed finding your "authentic self." But what does this really mean?...Continue Reading

You May Only Have One Chance...
February, 2013

When I'm teaching, Eminem's "Lose Yourself" always comes to mind...'You only got one chance do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime...'Continue Reading

Coaching Bill & Giuliana Rancic
January, 2013

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to coach Bill and Giuliana Rancic for their upcoming NBC Primetime dating show, "Ready for Love." When I saw their email in my Inbox, at first I was excited, but then I panicked!...Continue Reading

Hosts Tell All: Part 1
November 21, 2011

In this first part of "Hosts Tell All" I had a chance to sit down with Jeannie Mai, Brian Corsetti and Lance Smith, three hosts that I greatly admire. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie several years ago when I was casting for E!...Continue Reading

Hosts Tell All: Part 2
December 21, 2011

There is no better way to discover the steps to becoming a host than to talk with hosts who have made it themselves. Brian Corsetti, Jeannie Mai, and Lance Smith break down the in's and out's of having representation, branding,and how...Continue Reading

Hosts Tell All: Part 3
February 1, 2012

Breaking into hosting can be challenging and at times even downright frustrating. I'm sure you've all experienced it at one time or another and if you haven't yet felt that way, you will. It's all part of the process. In Part Three of...Continue Reading

Hosting Reels: Part 1
July 15, 2011

Having a good reel is crucial to your hosting career. Good headshots and a strong resume will only get you so far. It's your reel that Casting Directors use to determine whether or not they want to bring you in for an audition...Continue Reading

Hosting Reels: Part 2
October 19, 2011

In my previous article, I discussed some of the do's and don'ts of hosting reels. In my video, "Hosting Reels Part Two" found at, I show you what I think is an example of a good hosting reel in...Continue Reading