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Let it Go Part 2
May, 2013

In my last blog, I discussed "letting go" after a bad audition. You know how it goes - you replay the audition over and over in your head and each time it usually becomes way worse. Before you know it, you're a basket case. That voice in your head just beats you up.

So how do you stop that voice? It's simple. Become present. When you're in your head, you're not present. When you hear that negative voice, you're not present. Presence is exactly that - being in the current moment. When you're thinking about that audition, you're in the past. No matter how much time you spend thinking about the past, you're not going to change it. When you're in the present, you're not thinking about your past or your future. You're thinking about this very moment. You should feel a lot of relief and a lot less worry. Becoming present isn't easy. Odd as it sounds, it takes practice. I highly recommend "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle if you want to learn more about presence and get some peace in your life!

I've coached people for auditions and when they find out that they didn't get the job, they tell me all the reasons why they didn't get it. Most of the reasons that they've convinced themselves of aren't even accurate. One client said to me, "I didn’t get it because..." and he read me a list of reasons. Having had the inside scoop, my response to him was, "no, you didn't get it because the person who did get it was already under a contract with the network and his show has just been canceled so that's why HE got it." Instantly I sensed a weight being lifted from my client. Even if he was fantastic (which I'm sure he was!) there was a slim chance he'd get it anyway.

Most times you'll never have the inside scoop to find out why you didn't get a job. Sometimes even your agent or manager won't even be told the real reason. So after an audition, don't look back. Hope you did the best job you could, that they liked you and also just as importantly, that you like them too. And keep working on your skills!