Here's what people are saying...

"For anyone pursuing opportunities as on air talent, Maureen Browne is the absolute best! She has worked with top talent and has a reputation that far exceeds anyone else in the industry!"

Joe Zee, Creative Director, Elle Magazine

"Maureen Browne's Hosting classes are incredible! She is personable, passionate, and professional, with industry experience like no other. Maureen's classes have given me the skills and confidence to pursue a multitude of opportunities!"

Rob Younkers, Fashion Designer & Professor at Parsons, New York.

"I would just like to start by saying, before meeting maureen, I was losing serious faith in the LA industry. The auditions and casting directors always made me feel like I had something to prove. After seven long years of the "hustle" I was also starting to lose faith in myself. When I first walked into Maureen's office, not only was she warm and friendly, she also remembered meeting me seven years ago for a general. It was a refreshing surprise, considering most people in LA are so worried about themselves, they don't remember your name after just meeting you. Maureen coached me privately for one hour, for an audition for E!. By the time I was done, all my anxiety Was gone! It was wonderful because not only did she coach me for hosting, she coached me spiritually without even knowing it. Her amazing faith, restored my faith in myself. I love Maureen and I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. She was so kind and so sharp, and beautiful from the inside out! Thank you Maureen you are truly divine!"

Mikalah Gordon, TV Host / "American Idol"

"I have worked with Maureen for years and she has an amazing way of helping talent find their voice in hosting. She takes "make it your own" to an entirely different level by getting to know the talent and helping them find the essence of what differentiates them from other talent. I have sent clients to her over the years and have always been impressed by what they learn from her so quickly. Maureen also has an incredible eye for talent and I have signed several of her referrals."

Cat Josell - Talent Manager - Synergy Management

"When I first began attending Maureen Browne's hosting classes I didn't have nearly the cache' of hosting techniques or knowledge about the industry to be successful! But because of her honesty and ability to target problem areas while being encouraging, I drastically improved. Not only did she help with my hosting abilities, but she also helped with photo selections, my website and what was best for my reel. Thanks to Maureen, not only did I learn a range of hosting skills, but she also helped me develop and refine my brand. Maureen's classes and seminars are truly a place to grow and become a skilled host. Thanks to Maureen I created a reality series built on my brand. I completed a book that is currently in production and I was among the finalists in Oprah's Your Own Show Competition."

Lorna Clarke Osunsanmi - Host / Producer

"Maureen's experience with casting for major networks and shows makes me feel confident and lucky to have found her to help guide me through the process of marketing myself as a Fashion Expert. She put me on track and gave me her true expert advice on exactly what casting agents want to see in my reel, website etc. She is to-the-point, honest and extremely knowledgeable!"

Lindsay Albanese - Fashion Expert / Host

"Maureen is one of the best hosting coaches I know. She has helped various clients of mine immensely over the years. I highly recommend her as a coach if you're serious about working on TV."

Alec M. Shankman - Co-Head of Alternative Programming & Digital Media at Kaplan Stahler Agency, Co-Founder of GotCast.com

"Having worked with Maureen Browne for many years at E! Networks - I've learned that she is the one-stop shop for a talent search. She is connected, no-nonsense and a great eye for talent."

Barry Nugent, Head of Talent Development and Casting, GSN

"I recognize Maureen is the best hosting coach in town. She's the only one who truly cares about her students, and has vast knowledge and technical advice to contribute from her years in the industry as a casting executive. I'm living proof that Maureen's coaching breeds success -- I met with her for audition prep and booked the gig shortly thereafter. I'm confident more success will follow with each session Maureen and I share, and winning this contest would be a great way to kickstart a new chapter in my career. I'm also great with referrals! I highly recommend Maureen's classes to any aspiring hosts I know and two of my friends have booked sessions with her already."

Simone Green TV Host

"Maureen Browne is an incredible TV Hosting coach. She is kind, caring & patient, yet direct and very detailed in her suggestions and recommendations giving clients concrete strategies that translate into phenominal on-camera performances. Her students love and respect her as do other industry professionals. She is incredibly level headed with a savvy eye for talent that is truly impressive. I had the opportunity to teach an intensive weekend on-camera event with her in New York City and she is a real team player, I felt as if I had known her forever after we had just met. She is the kind of positive person you want in your corner. I recommend her highly."

Patricia Stark, NYC Media Trainer & President of Patricia Stark Communications

"I like to think of Maureen as part hosting coach, part life coach. Not only does she help your hosting skills, her constructive criticism, constant support and guidance makes you an overall more confident person. Anyone can teach you tricks on how to read copy. But Maureen gives you the confidence you need to achieve overall success as a host and beyond."

Sydne Summer - Fashion Expert & Editor, Style Network, Think Thru Fashion

"Maureen empowers students of all skill levels to quickly improve their hosting abilities. Her individualized feedback is sensitive to the beginner yet challenging to the expert. Because she identifies with her students' struggles and fears, she provides critiques that are honest but never condescending. In a sentence, she's an extremely authentic person who creates a safe environment where students can experiment, fail, and, ultimately, succeed at becoming the hosts that they want to be."

Nick Bundra - Host

"Maureen Browne is a career/life changer! After moving from Alabama to Los Angeles to take my hosting career to the next level, I felt a bit overwhelmed to say the least. Maureen not only honed my host skills, but she taught me the business and how to navigate my career in this town. Maureen is also a support system for her students. She inspires them to believe in themselves and their dreams, while stressing the importance of integrity in your career and life! She genuinely, wholeheartedly cares about her students and their careers...priceless!! While taking Maureen's class I was promoted to the primetime host of my network. Coincidence? I think not. And because of Maureen and her classes, I was prepared to host 4 hours of LIVE national television 5 nights a week in addition to a weekly Los Angeles-based radio show. Simply put, Maureen Browne and her hosting classes are an absolute MUST for anyone serious about a career in hosting! Thank you Maureen!"

Tara Gray TV Host / Talk Show Host

"Thank YOU so much for an incredible class. I learned so much, and really believe the class helped me improve. I'm definitely recommending you to others looking to take a hosting class!"

Jeff Platt - Host / Reporter

"Maureen is the best! She gives you her undivided attention, personalized instruction and her feedback is always constructive and you're not put down in front of the class. She lifts your self-confidence while challenging you to do better and give it your best."

Amanda S. - Host

"If you're even thinking about being a host, take this class. I drove from Santa Barbara every week and it was well worth it. My dream is to be a game show host. But whatever kind host you want to be Maureen can help. Flat out! She is a great teacher: patient, helpful and concise. She will tell you what the casting agents are looking for in a host. And most importantly, she will take who you are and blend it with her experience."

Stephen Roederer - Host

"I've known Maureen for years and finally a couple of months ago I had the opportunity to sit in on one of their classes. It was amazing to see just how great they are with aspiring hosts and experts. After experiencing the class first hand I now send all of my new clients to them because I know they are in great hands."

Hayley Lozitsky - Agent, United Talent Agency

"Maureen is a fantastic hosting coach and teacher. Her direct experience in the hosting world is priceless! She gives constructive advice and feedback in a positive way. After working with Maureen, I felt more confident when entering auditions. I utilized her teaching tools, and of course, my bookings went up! Her guidance and expertise are "must haves" for anyone who is looking to advance their career!"

Jessica Felice - Host

"As a Television Host who has not only successfully worked for the past few years but also taken many different Hosting Workshops, I feel I have the authority to state how awesome Maureen and her team are!! I highly recommend all hosts, regardless of experience level, to take (and retake) the class. Maureen and her guests touch on important topics of the biz that few others bother to spend time on and use smaller class sizes so that you get a much more "one on one" type experience. I feel that Maureen is honest, caring and passionate about making every student evolve as a host. She doesn't just tell you what you want to hear but also provides you with tangeable solutions to improve everything from your reads to your resume and reels. In this tough industry it is hard to find people who genuinely care about my career, but Maureen does and for that reason, I will continue to come back for years to come."

Greg Chard - Host

"After a year of taking hosting classes (elsewhere), I was feeling lost about who I was as a host. I wasn't clear about my brand and I was losing confidence in myself. I felt like I needed to work with someone one-on-one who would coach and direct me in all aspects of my hosting career from what headshots to use, to what segments to put on my reel, to how to audition most effectively. Maureen acted like a manager to me, and in the course of a month, she elevated my self-confidence to the point where I booked two jobs and started receiving extremely positive feedback from auditions and meetings. Maureen goes above and beyond when she truly believes in someone, and that believe can't help but elevate her client's self-confidence."

Molly Mouchka - Host

"Maureen Browne is an amazing host coach. She knows the world of hosting inside and out and can fine tune anyone's hosting ability. I feel strongly that anyone would benefit from her expertise."

Tim Kessler - Hosting Agent

"Finding Maureen Browne took my hosting game to a whole new level. I've yet to encounter anyone who comes close to doing what she did for me and my work. I found even after just one day with her changed the way I approach what I do and gave me an entirely new possibility for myself. I am better because of her coaching and I still go to her for anything that presents a professional challenge. I know I can count on her. She knows what it takes to make people excel and win."

Mike Elling - Host

"In Hollywood it is rare to find a coach like Maureen Browne; she offers honest criticism and is truly passionate about developing talent. She knows the "ins and outs" of the business. But, the best part is, you'll actually enjoy working with her; she is high energy, genuine! I love working with Maureen...without her, I would be completely lost in this industry!"

Lauren Gilmore - Host

"Every time I work with Maureen I leave feeling motivated and confident in my hosting skills. She is always encouraging me to work hard and bring my own personality into everything. Maureen's teaching style is very supportive and uplifting but also honest. Her students look forward to her classes and never feel discouraged. Her positive reinforcement is what keeps bringing me back! She is a great teacher and I always feel like I am learning new things. I couldn’t ask for a better coach."

Maria Provenzano - Host

"W-O-W! Maureen, I can't thank you enough! Your class is full of great information and is in a wonderfully comfortable environment. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I left feeling revitalized and invigorated about my passion for hosting I am truly thankful that I found you! I also believe working with you would help me get to the next level. Thank you again and again."

Nafeesa DeFlorias - Host

"I just wanted to thank you so much for an amazing class today! I learned some great tips from you and your "expert panel" and really appreciated the small and intimate classroom setting. I felt like you genuinely wanted everyone in your class to benefit from the experience, and worked hard to further everyone on his/her own individual level."

Samantha Reiss - Host

"I had a huge callback and meeting coming up and was being considered to host a show. Having made it to the final round I wanted to do everything in my power to prepare, and Maureen immediately came to my mind. We had a coaching session that was absolutely amazing. Maureen talked about what could set me apart; we brainstormed questions that they might ask of me and that I might ask them; and we discussed how to handle an impromptu on-camera read. What great advice she gave!! I went into the meeting feeling 100% prepared. The even better news is that I came out of the meeting feeling SO good about my hour with the decision makers. And anytime you walk out of an audition or meeting feeling like that, it’s wonderful. I knew that no matter what happened, I did my best, and had the best coaching session to prepare me for that callback. Having now worked with Maureen through Hollywood Hosting and through private coaching, I can tell you that Maureen has it all - the industry experience, amazing insight into what makes a good host, a gift for teaching, and most importantly - a caring heart."

Elise Baughman - Host

Jeannie Mai - Video Testimonial